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Papillion Center Featured in Gallatin Life

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      The Papillion Center was recently featured in Gallatin Life.  Take a look and help us spread the word! Gallatin Life, Papallion Center...

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Papillion Center Support Info

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Please download our information sheet which contains a complete list of  services and groups available from the Papillion Center. Support Group Information

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2013 Conference

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Last Friday was the Papillion Center’s annual conference. As a staff member I am prepared to go and do my part, help set up, serve and network. What I wasn’t prepared for was the gift I would come away with. Knowledge was respectfully traded back and fourth, compassion and understand was handed out equally, and hope was once again instilled. Professionals and parents were taken back to the very root of who we are, who our kids are, and what they need! Even though I work in this field, I left rejuvenated! I saw the same sparkle in the eyes of each person and it was clear HOPE was restored. Jodee Kulp was energetic and full of compassion. She held the audience captivated and shared her vision. Chris and Sheryl educated everyone on the FASD brain, reminding us all to dig deeper to get to the root of what was going on. Will reminded us all that there can be success in schools while Johanna gave great ideas for theraplay! Sara and I got to inform others on equine therapy and the impact it can have on any human being! We had great food and support from our board members! Overall, the team left excited about what the future holds! Most importantly, participants left with the reminder to play with their children, a knowledge on how that little brain works, and the hope that their child will find his place in this world! Not bad for a days work! -Gidget Leonard,...

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How Drinking Changes Lives Forever

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This article was written in Canada, but applies to the US as well.  Many women do not understand the dangers of drinking while pregnant and many children are labeled as “bad” when in reality they are dealing with organic brain damage. Chris Troutt, LMFT   Email ———————————————————— From the Globe and Mail, Canada Crystal Piquette is 31 and ripped, her biceps and flat tummy a testament to the rigours of her factory job. Her life seems ordinary – she has a boyfriend and five cats, does handicrafts and dreams of buying a home – but it’s a quantum leap for someone who ran away from home at 17 to live on the street. Back then, whatever she earned as a panhandler, or as one of Toronto’s infamous “squeegee kids” washing windshields, went toward drugs, “wino drinks” and a man far older than she was. “I was definitely the outcast,” Ms. Piquette recalls. “I didn’t get along with anybody. I still don’t. I don’t have any true friends.” And yet her troubled background fascinates the woman with her, who has wanted to hear about it for years. “She’s kind of my hero,” Kathy Moreland Layte admits, dabbing her eyes. And while Ms. Piquette has no friends, she thinks highly of Ms. Layte: “I wish she was my mother.” The two were brought together by parenthood. They are both mothers of two young children – the same young children. Ms. Layte, 52, has adopted the son and daughter born to Ms. Piquette during her previous life. Alexis was conceived under the viaduct near the Air Canada Centre, and her mother says that during the pregnancy, she and the father “didn’t have a roof over our heads. We had to beg for food.” She also had no medical care until just before the baby arrived, small and as fragile as a “porcelain doll.” Twelve years later, Alexis has difficulty with her hearing and speech and, unlike most kids her age, still plays with stuffed animals. Utterly without the guile seen so often in prepubescent girls, she seems warm and calm – a description rarely applied to her little brother. Continue Reading >>>...

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Welcome Stormy!

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    We want to introduce you to our newest part-time team member Stormy!  Stormy is part of our equine therapy program headed by Gidget...

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Iyal’s Story

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