Bringing Hope and Healing to Children and Families in Hard Places

Support Groups and Programs

Broken Princess-Cutting to Cope:  “Cutting” is reaching epidemic proportions within the teenage girl population. If you or someone you know is using cutting as a coping technique, this two-day intensive is designed just for them. Once a Princess has completed the Broken Princess Program, she will have the opportunity to participate in follow-up sessions through the Healing Princess group.

Broken Princess for Incarcerated Women: The Papillion Center provides a program in the Sumner County Jail for women who are incarcerated. The 6-week Broken Princess program provides group therapy for women who have suffered trauma and/or abuse. The program allows them to process their past and move forward to the future with the help and direction of a licensed therapist. After completion of the 6-week program, the attendees are invited to participate in a follow-up program, The Healing Princess. This 6-week program teaches the women life skills and how to deal with challenges as they are released into the community. This program has been very successful as these women return to our community with the skills and tools to be successful during the transition and beyond. The Papillion Center offers continued therapy for all Princesses after their release at our location in Gallatin.

Power Tools for Living:  This program is designed for any student who is going through a difficult time, struggling with making adjustments in their life or needs to work on intrapersonal skills and confidence.  The program increases social and emotional resilience skills, goal-setting, conflict resolution, ability to self-correct and regulate, school attendance and grades, and decreases bullying and behavior problems. Power Tools for Living is a 5-week group curriculum designed by Dr. Robert and Nancy Magnelli, both EAGALA certified, and utilizes the EAGALA Model of Equine Assisted Learning. It is endorsed by EAGALA – the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association.

Trauma Mommas: This group is designed to help support moms who are parenting children from hard places. This group will allow moms to spend time together in order to be better prepared in caring for their families.

Grandparents Group: Designed for grandparents who are parenting their grandchildren, this group allows grandparents to join with others on a similar journey.